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Welcome to Northern Lapland and Saariselkä!


The fell village Saariselkä is located in the municipality of Inari, along highway 4, some 250 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle, beside the Saariselkä fell region and Urho Kekkonen national park.

Saariselkä tourist centre is constructed in a very compact manner, and once there you will find how great that is. You don't need a car here, as all services are within a few hundred metres.

Information about Saariselkä

Saariselkä Resort is located in the Municipality of Inari in Northern Lapland. It is a compact village by the Urho Kekkonen National Park and surrounded by fell highlands. The best-known of Saariselkä’s fells is Kaunispää at a height of 438 metres, which may be easily conquered on foot, by car or ski lift.

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Weather and facts about nature

There are many kinds of natural environments and climates to be found on the northern roof of Europe. Although the region is as far north as Alaska and Siberia, the Gulf Stream keeps the climate milder. If you want to, you can travel from the northern coniferous forest zone via the tundra to the open waters of the Arctic Ocean in a single day.

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Ski Saariselkä: www.skisaariselka.fi/fi/etusivu.php
Urho Kekkonen National Park: http://www.outdoors.fi/destinations/nationalparks/urhokekkonennationalpark/Pages/Default.aspx
Getting to Saariselkä: http://www.saariselka.fi/content/holiday-services/how-to-get-there
Municipality of Inari: www.inari.fi

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History: When the road to Saariselkä was made

The characteristics enhancing the history of the Saariselkä district include Sámi culture, gold rushes and the development of routes of travel. The sparse population and long distances of Northern Lapland have always posed challenges for local inhabitants and people wanting to visit the north.

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